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About us

Everbright Flooring Inc. is a truth-worthy and very credible hardwood and SPC flooring manufacturer, our office is located in Hayward, California, USA. The vision of Everbright Flooring Inc. is not just making things affordable, rather we specialize in making it better and creating the best with competitive prices. 


After gathering and research of the weakness of common SPC flooring, Everbright Flooring Inc. eliminated them ONE by ONE; making our SPC flooring one of the greatest and toughest among the industrial. Our state of the arts products are manufactured in the factory named Benxi Flooring Factory(BXFF) which is over 30 years operation with total investment about 30 millions US dollars.

History of B.X.F.F

Benxi Flooring Factory(BXFF)was founded in 1990. After the accumulation and development over 30 years, it has became the leading flooring manufacturer with strong capability,great reputation as one of the largest flooring manufacturers based in Northeast of China.


BXFF survives by quality, develops by its brand. BXFF has passed ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, CE certification, FSC certification and CARB certification, and its products are listed in the United Nations procurement catalog.

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